Hey folks!  Wanna welcome you to the new home of the double Springs Blog! Visit daily to check us out, share your thoughts and questions or just use our blog to assist you in discipleship (I’m actually posting this one a day premature as i have a study to teach and an early surgery to be at in the morning)

Allright, here we go! We have been examing Dr. Iorgs book, “Building Antioch” and learning from it! Yesterday, we looked at the aspects of being filled with the Holy Spirit. both on a individual and corporate sense. In todays study, we’ll focus on the corporate end (though the two go hand in hand).  You see, when individual, spirit filled believers demonstrate that filling in a corporate (church) setting….wow happens!

One of the greatest examples of a Spirit filled people demonstating that filling in a church setting is our case study….the Church of Antioch.

Do me a favor and look over Acts 11:27-30 and think of a couple of ways that you see the Holy Spirits filling as evident.

One of the great examples of a believers filling pouring over into corporate setting was Agubus, the prophet and the Church of Antioch. Agubus was a pretty well known prophet of the day who was speaking at Antioch. During his address, he prophesied (rightly, btw) that Jerusalme would soon have a great famine. In light of this prophesy, he ask the Church of Antioch to take a relief offering. they did. In a bigtime way!

You may be thinking “woop de do, they took a love offering!”….well, get the context and you’ll understand just how super natural this offering really was. Remember, the jews and gentiles of the period werent exactly BFF’s. Some even supposed that their relationship had become so strained that it was beyond repair! The Jews, in large part, viewed the gentiles as inferior and unclean. the gentiles loathed the jews for their ere of superiority.

So for Agubus, addressing a largely gentile church, to ask an offering for the jews in Jerusalem – it would take nothing short of a super natural move of Gods Spirit for them to respond generously. And that is EXACTLY what we found. Spirit filled giving!

We really see the Spirits filling in two senses

1. We see it in Agubus – the words of the prophet were a result of Spiritual filling. As a Pastor, I can attest to this as I’m sure most of you can as well. there are moments where the Holy Spirit has simply “taken over” my lips. No “warm and fuzzies” really accompanied that but I knew that I was being guided supernaturally for I was changing directions mid sermon or having the exact words to say while making an evangelistic visit. It truly is supernatural and let me add….essential fro fruitful communication

2. We Also see it in the church – Just as the filling of the Spirit guided the words of the old prophet, the filling of the Spirit guided the receptivity and response of the congregation. Apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, Agubus words would have fallen on deaf ears.

You see, while it is essential for the leaders to be Spirit filled, it’s equally essential for his congregation to be as well….that is, if a truly transformational church is what we desire.

Let me bring to mind another instance. In Acts 13:1-3, The Church was holding a Spirit filled prayer meeting. Sounds ordinary, right? Not so much! It was this prayer meeting where the church supernaturally heard from god and sent THEIR LEADERS out as the first “Church Sent” missions team. Truly supernatural! What was this the product of? You guessed it…the filling of the Holy Spirit!

Think for a moment, have you ever seen instances like this take place?

Is it the norm?

BIG QUESTION – Should it be?

The truth is, the same Holy Spirit that filled Agubus, Antioch Church, Paul and Barnabus in the first century is the same Holy Spirit who has indwelt you (if you are in Christ). The Holy Spirit that produced the super natural in the New Testement is the same Holy Spirit who engages believers and is able to produce supernatural fruit today!

Great believers and great churches don’t just talk about the Holy Spirit, they experience Him. The Supernatural happens regularly and that is a good thing.

                                                                             Points to Ponder

Is there evidence of the filling of the holy Spirit in Your Life? How about your church?

What role do YOU play in setting the stage for the Supernatural to occur within the local body of Christ to which you belong?

Love you all so much and consider it an honor to be your Pastor!

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor

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