This past Sunday night at Double Springs, we asked a very simple question- Why is it that most believers are hesitant to share the Gospel?

The answers given were varied….fear, afraid to say the wrong thing, rejection….so forth. If you were to list the top three reasons believers don’t share the Gospel, what would they be?




Which of these three do you most relate to?

Can I be really straightforward for a moment? Perhaps the chief reason we, as a Christian culture aren’t Advancing the Gospel through personal witness isn’t really because of fear…or rejection…or ridicule…or what you may have written down. Perhaps our failure to advance the Gospel is much simpler than these reason…maybe, just maybe, the reason we aren’t sharing the Gospel is – We really don’t KNOW anyone with whom to share it.

Let me explain– the fact is (and we can all be really guilty of this) Christians seem to be developing fewer and fewer relationships with non Christians. We have the habit of isolationism. As the Church has grown over the years so have the opportunities to associate ONLY with those just like us. Christians sports leagues, Christian Schools, Christian networking sites, Christian concerts, so on. You get my drift, right? I’m certainly not saying these things are a “bad” thing but they can be if they isolate us to the point of not developing relationships with lost people. We must guard our hearts against the sin of isolationism, after all…we can be rather cliquish.

Let me ask you….

*Do you See yourself trending toward isolationism?

*Name a couple of non Christians you are seeking to cultivate a Gospel advancing relationship with

As i mentioned already, many of these Christian alternative activities are jumped into with good intention for after all, we are followers of jesus and are rightly concerned about being polluted by the world and it’s system. We SHOULD pick and choose carefully when it comes to what we allow ourselves…and our home to be involved in/with.  However, we can, and often do, take things to far when our good intentions trend toward isolationism that hinders us from accomplishing our Kingdom purpose as believers, the Great Commission.

Read 1st John 2:15-17. What does John mean by “the world”?

What does it mean to love the world?

Look over John 17:15-18 and find out what Jesus had to say about the Christians relationships with the world

One of the GREATEST ways we can Advance the Gospel is to actively and intentionally build relationships with non Christians.

 For true Gospel advance, this MUST be part of who we are!

As far as our case study, the Church of Antioch, isolation was a foreign concept.  the call to evangelism was so ingrained in their very being that they wouldn’t dare cut themselves off from non Christians. The Antioch christians interacted daily in a world of people with differing belief systems and remained faithful to God call upon them to make His name famous.

Our society is becoming increasingly more isolated. Groceries can be delivered, movies rented online,  heck, we even make “friends” electronically! There is a definite pattern of isolationism. Lets fight that like the devil. God has called no believer to be a troll under a bridge. he has called us to the nations! Lets go!

In light of this….are there some signs in your own life that you are withdrawing yourself from non christians?

Will you list three ways that you may intentionally come into contact with more non believers in order to build relationships and advance the Gospel?

I hope so. I know I will.

Love you all and Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor

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