2springers…I’m gonna change things up a bit on this post and move away from our study (for one day only, so catch back up tomorrow) to talk to you about Care Ministry.

I’ve just gotten back from a Hospital visit tonight. It seems as though I’ve been making that place a “Home away from home” here lately! Ronnie Smith has evidently had some form of a stroke. Now, I’m not a Doc so I cant say that for sure, but all indications seem to point in that direction.

That said, other than Ronnie, one of our youth, Trent Mullinax, has been there in ICU for several days and one of our senior adults, Darlene Brown has as well. We also have several home-bound 2springs family members who need our care.  While the hospital and can be a scary, intimidating and trying place it is also a place where we, together, can share and show the love of Christ.

Would you pray for these folks and their families? How about making a trip up there to cheer them up and pray over them? Maybe you could call or send a note of encouragement. What an awesome opportunity for us to be Jesus! You all do such a wonderful job of loving on people already but lets step it up even another notch in our care ministry!

Love You All and Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor

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