Good morning folks,

 This week we have spent a lot of time talking discipleship and it’s importance. I want to tie all that in by giving you some questions to think on.


Looking back on your own spiritual life, what has contributed the most to your spiritual growth? How can the teaching ministry of the Church helped in you own spiritual formation? Who have been your best teachers and why?


What key Biblical subjects should be essential in a believers spiritual formation curriculum?  How are you growing in these areas? Are there any areas of study that the believer should consider over and over again? Why?


What are some ways a Church can develop a comprehensive, intentional discipleship process?  How can you assist in making this happen?


Are you seeing tangible transformation take place in anyones life? Who and how? How about your own life? Are you experiencing real transformation right now? If not-why? If so, how?

Love you all and Soli Deo Gloria!- Pastor

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