Hi….for the third time today.

Shortly after my last post (see below) on sheltering our children in a wicked world, I immediately received text, calls, messages, a carrier pigeon (ok, maybe stretched that a little far) concerning how we “Shelter” our kids. You know, just some workable examples of how we do that.

No time to go through our entire “to do” list but here are a few ways we do this

We Shelter our children………..

Through Truth.

Just As you are, Nette and I are raising our children inextremely  deceptive world. There are Lies, lies, lies and more lies around the corner. . Again, can’t isolate them from this fact so we combat deception in the only way we can, with the Truth. Not “a” truth. THE Truth. This of course is Gods Word. We understand that it is our responsibility to teach our children truth and we strive to do that in our home. We also use the encouragement, equipping ministry of the Church to come alongside and assist us in the proclamation of truth over our children’s lives. We take this responsibility with a blood earnest seriousness.

Through Love

This culture paints a rather disturbing picture of what “love” is. Our worlds idea of love…self centered, conditional, merited, performance based (much different from a Biblical understanding). We shelter our children from this erroneous cultural ideology by providing a true picture of what love is. We make sure our children know that our love for them is selfless. It’s unconditional. It’s not based on their looks, their grades, their performance on a ballfield. It’s the love of Christ that has been shed abroad in our own hearts. It’s real love.

Through Discernment

Some things are of God and provide spiritual benefit. Some things are not. Those things that are not of Him, we remove from their lives. Again, we don’t practice isolationism. We don’t pull them away from the world, we desire to equip them to live for Christ in it. We do, however, pull the world from them as God leads. There are certain TV shows we won’t allow them to watch. Certain music they aren’t allowed to listen to (BTW folks, if you have a daughter and allow her to listen to…or hear you listening to…music that demeans, belittles,  or paints a picture of women as mere sexual object, shame on you.). There are certain book/magazines they aren’t allowed to read. There are places they aren’t allowed to go and things they aren’t allowed to do. This doesn’t always make us popular with them but at the end of the day, God has called us to be their parent first, friend second. We keep a close watch on every voice in their lives. We keep check of the friendships they have and the families of their friends. Yep, we meddle. Some would cry foul here, “They must have some privacy in their lives”…um, I’ve got one shot with them. Their privacy isn’t my chief concern, their spiritual life is. So we try to be discerning with every activity in their life.

Through Example

Look, we understand that our children are watching…and following us. What is important to us will ultimately be important to them. Take for example church….Now, I don’t say this because I am a Pastor, I say this because I believe the Bible….and it teaches that Church plays a vital role in a believers life. You simply cannot separate a NT Christian from the NT church. In fact, to “forsake the assembling of yourselves together” is sinful behavior. It is rebellion against Gods Word. God will not honor that. Because we love our children and do not want to hinder their spiritual lives now or in the future, we make sure that they see Church as something vital in our own life. My parents modeled this for me. I NEVER wondered, not once, if we would be going to church or not when Sunday rolled around. It was a given. I am so grateful for that heritage. It showed me what my family deemed as important.  I desire to pass it to them by my own example.

Now that’s just one example. Church attendance isn’t all we seek to model for them. We strive to serve as an example through stewardship, through service through worship, through rightly placed priorities, by our love for one another…we could go one here. We don’t always succeed in this but we try….. and rest in Gods Grace when we fail.

Can it be tough on them? Sure. A lot of their friends “enjoy” things that our kids aren’t allowed to participate in. Yes, sometimes they wonder “why” dad and mom are a little more strict on how they live, what they wear, the relationships they have, ect but I honestly think they understand why we parent them like we do….we love them and desire Gods best for their lives.

Look, we could go on and on here. The ways we can “shelter” our children (protect, guide, shield, ect) are endless. let me ask you…what are some ways you can do so?

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