Hey folks, we have a wealth of great resources available at our fingertips courtesy of what my son, Kaden, affectionately calls “The Word-Wide-Web” (as in any and every time he mentions the net “Dad, can I get on the world-wide-web?” or “Hey, I bet we can find an answer on the world-wide-web“). Some of those great resources come in the form a blog. Here are a few that I try to follow as often as possible and why you should consider doing the same

www.gty.org/blog – this is Dr.John Macaurthurs blog. While in an age of “Rock Star” preachers that have produced a “I’m of Piper…Well, I am of Macarthur…So what, i’m of Warren” mentality, I am well aware of the danger that comes with being “of” anyone but Christ. I do however believe that while we may not be “of” any particular preacher, we can greatly benefit from many of them. Johnny Mac is one of those we’d be wise to learn from.

www.solidfoodmedia.com/blog –  R.W. Glenn. For the same reasons I have just mentioned. There’s a reason they call him Pastor Smarty Pants (in an endearing way, of course). Very sharp dude.

www.valuesdrivenfamily.com/blog  – Great blog for Kingdom minded families. Excellent resources.

www.trevinwax.com – all-encompassing blog with occasional links that are fantastic. Trevin is the Author of “Counterfeit Gospel”, a great book. Very discerning blogger

www.kateelizabethconner.com – Kate is a friend of ours from the last church we served. Her blog is, as I’ve told her, one of my favorites. Witty, honest, wise. I absolutely LOVE reading her post. Seriously, if you link to only one of these I’m mentioning, let this be the one. you won’t regret it.

www.teampyro.blogspot.com – of all the blogs I enjoy and benefit from, this is the one that I make a point to check daily. I’d love to read them all but time won’t allow. I make time to go here

www.julialsmith.blogspot.com – Julia is a member of the Church I Pastor and a great friend. I’m watching…and reading her transform as she grows in grace and in the Word. Very proud Pastor.

www.paulholcombe.blogspot.com – if you are looking for a “I post once every 8 months or so blog” to read, this is it. Only here can I learn of the myth that is Stone Mountain, Super heroes and beating down bullies. Few post…good content.

Not an exhaustive list but it’s mine. – Pastor Kyle

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