A few Real, transparent and occasionally random thoughts about this past weekend at Double Springs Church

*I love Baptisms– seriously. They charge me up. It’s such a blessing to see someone radically saved and identify with Christ through baptism.

*Attendance Was Down A Little yesterday– I have to be honest, I hate when that happens. Not so much because I feel as though it’s my fault that all our people didn’t show up (confession:sometimes I do feel pretty inadequate when that happens)  but I just know what scripture says about not “forsaking the assembling of yourselves”. I know there are instances where sickness, unforseen issues and such prohibit us from Sunday services and God certainly knows our hearts on that. I’m speaking more on the subject of “just didn’t want to come”.  I know that at it’s core, not setting aside time for corporate worship is rebellion against Gods Word, and I know that there will be consequences. I hate that for my people because I love them and desire God’s best for their lives.

*Yesterday Was A Big Day for us– as you know, the Church voted to call Paul Holcombe as our new Associate Pastor. Because I know Pauls heart for ministry and passion for the Gospel, I cannot wait to see what God has in store. Seriously excited about the future.

*Yesterday Whipped Me– not sure what it was, but I was totally drained when I got home last night. Didnt seem like anything was out of the ordinary. Teaching, preaching, praying, baptizing, afternoon counseling, preaching again, choir….same old, same old but I was empty by days end.

*Wish I Could have Went On The Youth Scavenger Hunt– squirrel funerals, police car rides, pinky lifting, oh my! I do miss youth ministry sometimes.

*Lots Of People Hurting- It never ceases to amaze me how many people are really hurting. Grief, sickness, family problems…oh, that we would just open our eyes to the needs around us. They are plentiful.

*Got A Beard Compliment– someone told me that my beard made me look “dignified”. How right they are!

*We have Some Encouraging Folks– someone (usually several someones) always has a kind, uplifting word for me when I need it. That is such a blessing.

*I Love Seeing The Gospel “Take Hold”- made a very basic Gospel presentation yesterday. Saw some folks respond. One was a first time visitor. Praise God. Can’t wait to follow up with that.

Well, there is the mind dump. Have a great week and please invite someone to Double Springs!

Soli Deo Gloria!- Pastor



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