Hey Guys – each week, I am going to share with you a recommendation of a particular book that I’ve found helpful over the last few years. I’ll give a brief review and list a couple of places that it’s available

This Weeks recommendation: “The Story” compiled by Max Lacado and Randy Frazee (Zondervan Publishers) Check it out at www.thestory.com

“The Story” is, in essence, The Bible composed as a chronological, easy to read narrative. It’s not broken into “Chapter and verse” format so it reads much like a novel would. I understand the scoffers that may say, “Well, why not just read the Bible ‘As is?’“…and I agree that this narrative form should not replace the Bible in totality but it is really enjoyable and a tad different, which (at least for me) brings a unique flavor to the table.

Personally, this book came about when I really needed it. I’d determined to read through the Bible again and found myself struggling through it (I’ll admit it, I’m human!). It had become more of a task than a blessing. I caught wind of this book, began to read it….and there was new life in my goal. Really, really refreshing! So for me, it has been (still reading) a blessing. Lacado and Frazee do a masterful job telling the old, old story in narrative form. In fact, I’ve decided to use it in our devotions at home with the kids.

Couple of criticisms –The Story” scripture references are written in NIV format. Those who know me well know that I am NOT the translation police but I am not a huge fan of the NIV (so this may just be a personal preference issue but I wanted to share it anyway). The only other thing is, nothing replaces the Bible. There are really good books about the Bible and really good books pulled from the pages of the Bible…but ultimately there is only one Bible. It stands alone and is sufficient. Books like this are to assist us in our love for Gods Word not supplant it.

The Story is available at your local Lifeway, on amazon.com and is available on Kindle (where I got mine)

Hope this helps. Love you all and Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle

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