*Time Changed- some didnt get the memo. It was wierd seeing habitually late folks get to church on time

*Preached a TOUGH message this morning. Didnt wanna preach it. Did anyway. Praying for much fruit now.

*Wrestled with God over preaching this message all week. Kind of know how Jacob felt now.. Walking with a limp.

*Experienced Warfare at a level that I’d never experienced after I submitted to the Lord concerning this message.. Gotta be honest, it was terrifying and I hope to never deal with satanic forces at that level again…though I know I will.

*Jesus got the victory today.

*Praying right now, for each of our families at DS. I deeply love them.

*Think we found Pastor Paul and his fam a home in Tville. Moving soon. Batman needs a Robin, Spongebob needs Squarepants….I need an Associate pastor. Ready to get to work!

Love Ya All and Soli Deo Gloria!- Pastor Kyle

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