Crossroads- We all encounter them at some point. You know, those moments where a clear choice has to be made that sets the direction for the rest of our lives? Yeah, those moments.

                      Good news…we’re not left alone in this.

Begining this Sunday night at Double Springs Church, we’ll begin a new Sermon Series where we will Gods Heart concerning those life altering crossroads that we all face.

This Week – “CrossRoads: Choosing Life”- Abundant life, I mean really, really abundant life has everything to do with our view of who God is. We’ll see real life in His Character, Faithfulness and Sovereignty. At the CrossRoads, we’ll take a high or low view of God and that choice will make all the difference in the lives we live.

November 20th- “CrosRoads: Choosing Love”- Jesus was pretty clear, people will know that we belong to Him as evidenced by the love we have for one another. In life, we’ll have the opportunity to choose to love or to loathe and we’ll discuss Gods heart on the matter.

Nov 27th “CrossRoads: Chooing Laughter” – You want a hard hitting yet grace filled message? This is it. We’re talking depression. The Bible. Hope….this message is gonna hit home because we either have, or know someone who IS dealing with depression and friends…there is a way to cope. He has a name. His name is Jesus!

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