From Stomach Ache to Surgery

Hey fam! – Wanted to share with you that the 1st Lady (aka Mrs Nette) is recovering well after surgery today.

What? You didn’t know she was suppose to have surgery today? Yeah…neither did we.

What started as a stomach ache ended with the removal of the appendix!

It’s been a long, long day and she is recovering well. We’re very grateful for Gods grace and for your prayers. The kiddos are all taken care of and we will HOPEFULLY be home tomorrow some time.

One quick note- she isnt feeling up to visitors so if you could just pray for her, that’d be a blessing!

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor



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  1. so sorry to hear but happy it is over and recovery is happening!! Praying for you nette!!

  2. Love her!!!! Praying!

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