As most of you know, last week at the Caudells was quiet eventful.

We all wanted to thank you for your prayers and concern. The 1st Lady of DS is recovering well (albeit slowly…..SOMEONE has a hard time following Dr.’s orders).

 SO….Because she isn’t well enough yet to kill me yet, I want to share with you something that she did pre-ER/Surgery.

 Tuesday evening, the 1st Lady arose from her slumber with what she assumed was an awful stomach ache. She was doubled over in pain and couldn’t keep anything down. I’ve learned that when a women who has had three babies says she’s in pain, well, she’s not putting on. Hindsight is 20/20, and we now realize that her appendix was on the verge of rupture….she really needed to get to the E.R. then but…….

Instead of a needed Hospital visit, she decided it would be best to exhaust all other options first….literally all. other. options.

She got online in a mad rush to find any home remedy that may bring at minimum, some relief of her pain. She found a “sure-fire” recipe for black tea that was used in Ancient China. She brewed and sipped to no avail.

After that trial and error, she found one “last, great hope“. …..onions.

Yes, I said onions.

Oh, and I’m not talking about consuming them either. Not baked onions. Not sautéed onions. Not even digesting the eye watering raw onion to minimize war going on within the confines of her stomach.

No, that…believe it or not…makes to much sense.

What did she do with the onions? What home remedy did she employ?

Let me paint the picture for you (and for those who know my dear wife, you’ll have no problems visualizing this)… is my custom, I had gotten up early to spend some time in the Word to kick-off my day and had found my usual morning spot on the couch. Bible and stout cup of Joe in hand. As I began to immerse myself in a text I noticed a strange smell coming from behind me. It took me a moment to place it but in a few seconds that unmistakable and rather unpleasant fragrance registered in my noggin…I smelled onions. I looked behind me, and there she was, my beautiful, yet sickly bride.

She had a embarrassed look on her face. Her demeanor was rather pitiful. She was standing in an awkward position, with her arms tightly pressed against the sides on her body, so unusual was her stance that I was forced to ask the question…”What in the world are you doing?….and WHAT is that smell?”

“Promise you won’t laugh?” was her sheepish reply.

She went on to explain, between grimaces and even her easily identified laughter (seriously, I know of no one with a more infectious laugh) that she read online that if you wanted a “can’t miss” remedy for stomach pain….wait for it….wait for it….take a onion, half it….and put it under your armpits for an hour or so.

I can’t make this stuff up and I’m grateful for a home chock full of sermon illustrations.

After a good laugh, we headed to the Doc, the place we should have just gone to begin with.

You know, that whole episode really got me to thinking. Nette had a real problem and she knew what she really needed to do, get to the Doctor. But instead of doing the most sensible thing, she decided to exhaust every option (to the point of the  “onions under armpit” strategy. When everything failed, and only when everything failed, she broke down and did what she should have done in the first place.

While, I’m enjoying picking at her about it, the truth is, I’m just as guilty. While I haven’t reverted to vegetable therapy (yet), I cannot tell you how many times I have had a serious problem and needed to get to the only one mighty to meet my needs….only to use Him as a last resort after all of my own efforts have failed.

How about you? Is there an issue, a problem that you are dealing with right now where you find yourself frustrated because your efforts aren’t working?

Some Pastoral advice – get to the Great Physician. He is mighty to save and Sustain. There is healing, both physical and spiritual in His very name.

Let’s not make Him a last resort….but first priority. We won’t be sorry.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you”- Jesus (Matthew 6:33)

Love You All And Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle

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