Hey family! Hope you are all having a great Thursday!

 As you all are well aware of, the Christmas Season has come upon us! What an awesome time of year (Unless, of course, you live atop the mountain just north of Wooville)!

The love, the tradition, the nostalgia…..We sing, we get together, we wrap and give gifts, we celebrate….we could go on and on here! There are so many aspects of this season that we enjoy and maybe, just maybe,,,,there are some aspects we easily forget. Things that this wonderful season affords but we fail to utilize.

I’m talking about a simple invitation.

What do I mean?

Simple, we all have friends and family members who are struggling through Christmas. Sometimes their struggle is due to the shear stress of the season. Others are hurting financially right now and are brooding over the gifts that they can’t afford yet their children have their hearts set upon. Some are drudging through the season in grief over the fact that this will be their first Christmas without a loved one who has passed away this past year.

For whatever reason – many are hurting this time of year. They are looking for hope. Looking for some measure of GOOD NEWS!

Well, we not only have good news, we have THE BEST NEWS!

Christmas is one of the most opportune times to invite the hurting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. To offer hope to the hurting!

The fact is, Christmas is a time of year when people are very, very likely to take you up on the offer to be your guest at Church. We need to use that to our advantage!

It’s so easy to do – Pay them a visit. Mention it over breakfast at the Cafe. Give them a phone call/text. Use email, Facebook….so easy!

You see the simple invitation is powerful in a number of ways. Let me share a few

1. It Says “I Love and Care For You”

2. It says “I value your friendship”

3. It says “My faith is really important to me”

You may say, “What is they won’t come?” – good question….but I’ve got a better one – “What if they do?”

What could possibly be a greater Christmas present than seeing that friend, co-worker, family member, classmate or neighbor radically and eternally saved?

Today, make that decision to invite someone to be your guest at Church Sunday! We’ve got the greatest news in the world to share! Lets do this!

Gloria In Excelsis Deo – Pastor


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