Few Notes on another fantastic Sunday at Double Springs

*We celebrated yet another soul cross from death to life. That is ALWAYS awesome.  It’s so cool to announce someones salvation and hear the congregation cheer and see the eyes of those who already know Jesus  swell with tears of joy over new life in Christ! Angels rejoice and we do to. Baptizing again this Sunday! Woooo!

*Our Christmas Series, “Rediscovering CHRISTmas” is rolling along. The Gospel is being advanced

*Lots of brand new/first time faces in the crowd today. Great job inviting 2springers, way to go and keep it up!

*Had to move our Student Ministry into a larger space. Praise God.

*2 more families officially united with us in our mission to Know Jesus, Grow in Him and make His Gospel known. We take church membership really seriously and understand that no one joins our church by coincidence or happenstance but by the sovereignty and providence of God!

*Lots of folks have already signed up for new Church Directory pics (you can still sign up Wednesday or this Sunday if you havent already)

*Our Christmas Meal Tonight….PACKED. We had SO MANY guest! Way to love on people guys! Also HUGE thanks to all who cooked, cleaned, served, ect. You are all awesome.

Can’t wait to see what God has in store this week!

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