As we mentioned in yesterdays post, a good and fruitful fast will have as its foundation…spiritual reasons and there will be tremendous spiritual benefit. We’ll begin looking at the wonderful spiritual benefit of fasting in the next few days (as best as I can describe them, anyway…hard to really grasp unless you’ve experienced).

While the core of our 21 Day Daniel Fast (first 21 Days of 2012) is spiritual breakthrough, there are also added benefits to fasting….physical.

Health care providers find that fasting provides beneficial side-effects that occur, some automatically.

The well-documented, medical benefits of the Daniel Fast have included:

  • Body – detoxified
  • Bloating (intestinal) – gone
  • Blood Pressure – improved
  • Concentration – enhanced
  • Cholesterol – lowered
  • Cravings (sugar, refined carbohydrates & savory) – overcome
  • Depression – lessened
  • Diabetes – improved
  • Energy level – better
  • Excessive night-time urination – disappeared
  • Fertility – increased
  • Fluid retention – gone
  • Food allergies and addictions – recognised and overcome
  • Good health – renewed and maintained
  • Hair and nail strength – improved
  • Headaches – disappeared
  • Hot flushes – disappeared
  • Hypoglycemia – improved
  • Immunity to recurring illness – strengthened
  • Insomnia – disappeared
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and stomach complaints -disappeared
  • Menstrual problems and PMS – disappeared
  • Mind – clearer and sharper
  • Negative health symptoms – reversed
  • Organs and tissues – stimulated into proper function
  • Overeating – overcome
  • Recovery from illness and drug treatments – assisted
  • Reflux and indigestion – disappeared
  • Skin problems (eczema, acne and dermatitis) – improved
  • Spirituality – enhanced
  • Stamina – increased
  • Sugar cravings – overcome
  • Tiredness – disappeared
  • Weight loss – accomplished

The Daniel Fast, as well as other types of fast… have the added benefit of serving as a means for getting the body “back in order” and not so controlled by emotional eating, cravings and simple yet harmful bad eating choices! Our bodies simply work better when purged of toxins! The digestive system works more efficiently, the liver is not so over-taxed, and the rest of the body receives the nutrients that cause it to thrive. Fasting just makes you “feel better”.

So while the Daniel Fast is primarily a spiritual exercise for the spirit and soul, the body gains great benefits. Remember, God cares about our physical bodies as well as our spiritual lives. Years of jokes about “Baptist Birds” and overlapping bellies accompanied by apathy concerning the Temple that host of Souls doesn’t negate that fact that it is sinful to behavior to neglect better health. It can effect our ability to serve Christ fruitfully and there is the possibility that it can effect our testimony. It DOES matter…maybe more than we even realize!

Take a step in the right direction this New Year and commit to the Daniel Fast!

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  1. Can’t wait! 🙂
    Forgot to mention self-discipline improvement. Most people don’t practice self- discipline, but I think doing something like this would improve that ability. Considering America in general has issues with eating.

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