Some thoughts on another great day at Double Springs….

*Could’nt imagine NOT worshipping Jesus on Christmas Day. I know a lot of Churches cancelled services and I’m not telling them how to conduct their business….but mark it down – we will ALWAYS set aside the Lords Day for corporate worship at Double Springs. Always.

*So proud of and grateful for our Worship Choir, Bryan and our musicians. Wow!

*The presence of Jesus was evident today! He really does inhabit the praises of His people.

*We got to see 2 more people cross from death to life this morning! How awesome is that!?

*LOVE seeing families worship together! I know at DS we’re a little different with our Family Integration during corporate worship but I’ll tell you what…very few things are as precious as seeing children, students and their parents/grandparents TOGETHER for worship.

*Looking forward to baptizing again….looks like we’ll have to just leave water in the Baptistry. Praise Him!

*I’m gonna miss Christmas hymns! I’d sing them all year long!

*Our 21 Days of fasting and Prayer to kick off 2012 is approaching quickly and more and more folks are jumping in head first…you can too – check the past few post!

*Merry Christmas and Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

Love you all – Pastor Kyle

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