Who Knows

Jonah 3:6-9

Jonah is a pretty reluctant prophet. When he finally marches to Nineveh, he delivers the message God has for him. The shortest sermon you will ever hear…”Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.” There was no instruction from the prophet on what to do, but the response was obvious to those in the city. It seems like they might have went overboard though when even the animals had to fast. Why are the animals fasting, you ask? Good question…

The fasting was corporate. Everyone, including the animals, was in for the same devastation. Whether their choice was to be together or not, they were together. In their combined weakness, they could find their combined power. That power was a combined effort to seek God.

The fasting was intense. Picture yourself, a visitor, walking the streets of Nineveh. Animals crying out in their pains of hungers, the citizens covered in sackcloth and mourning, and even the king not sitting on his throne.  You see that same king removing himself from the throne to elevate the only rightful King.

The fasting was life-changing. Everyone together, crying out to God in fervor, they still have one mighty action step to take in their own lives.  That step was to turn. Turn from evil, turn from violence, and turn to God. There comes a time for every being to turn; turn from sin, turn from what is presently crippling us, and turn towards God.

It is here the impossible becomes possible. The king asks his simple question, “Who knows?” Who knows what great things God will do? Who knows what wonderful things He has in store? In our collective turning, what turn will we see from God? Who knows…?


*Spend today thinking about the “turns” you need to make in your own life. Is there anything that has kept you from seeing God because your back is to Him?

*How intense have you gotten in your crying out to God? Have you sought Him for something beyond your reach? Have you said, “Who knows?”

Pastor Paul

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