“Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” 1st Thessalonians 5;17-18

How many times have you said…”All I can do is pray.”?

You ever thought about what that implies? I mean, seriously…think about that statement.

If we’ll say all “I can do is pray” we’re giving the impression that prayer is a small thing, not very helpful at all.

Truth is-  Praying unlocks the doors of heaven and releases the power of God.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us want to do a great work for God, but very few desire to put in the gruntwork of prayer beforehand. I think it’s because prayer itself goes against our natural inclinations…it’s just not natural, which may be precisley why prayer means so much to God. I tell folks often that it’s harder for me to preach than it is for me to pray…yet I know that the fruit of my preaching ministry is directly related to the fervancy of my prayer minstry so I get after it in the prayer closet! 

One of the great benefits of you fast is an increased tanacity in your prayer life. I’d like to encourage you to work hard throughout this fast disciplining yourselves in daily, private prayer. It’s key to vicorious living.

Think on this….

*James 4:2 says “You have not because you ask not“….Think deeply, is there a need that you simply havnt turned over to the Lord?

*Do you see your prayerlife as disciplined? Given the level of  importance Jesus places on prayer, what do you need to do about that?

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle


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