Where Will I Turn?

Matthew 4:1-11

Bracelets dominated the stores, college campuses and athletic fields all across the country a few years ago. These bracelets all posed the same question, “What Would Jesus Do?” It’s a worthy question. It’s an important question. It’s also an easy question for one to answer.

Immediately following His baptism, Jesus did what each and every one of us has done following our own baptisms. Jesus headed out to the wilderness. It is here we read a wonderfully simple verse, “after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.” That might be obvious to the reader but Matthew tells us anyway. There is a good reason for stating the obvious.

It is when we are “hungry” that we are the most susceptible to the same visitor that Jesus receives, the devil. Most accurately in this passage, we see him described as the tempter.  Temptation almost always comes to us as we hunger for more.

Maybe it’s a better job or a better house, things that of themselves aren’t problematic at all. It is the life of upgrades that leads us to seek an “upgrade” to our spouses, our families, what we put in our bodies, or how we feel. In that hunger, the model Jesus provides is the one that can get us through.

It wasn’t a miracle like walking on water or even a lightning bolt from heaven. Jesus depended on the word of God. Both Jesus and the tempter knew scripture. Jesus’ knowledge was not for his own benefit but how it instructed Him in his relationship to His Father. All of the instructions He needed were sitting in that spot that our hunger for upgrades normally resides.


*How much time have you spent with scripture? Would any area of your life suffer if you spent more time in your Bible?

*What temptations are you facing? How can scripture help you feel full in your times of hunger?

Pastor Paul


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