Flying Blind

Acts 9:1-9

You probably know the story of Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus and of course his radical change to become a major proponent for Jesus. It is easy to look at how lost Saul was and how found Paul was and marvel at the magnitude of his conversion.  Paul’s problem was perhaps worse than just being lost.

The problem that Paul had in his life was quite simple. He was so radically and steadfastly following God, that he wasn’t following God. He tells all who will listen that he studied scripture, he dressed appropriately, and he was at all the right events.  In all of that effort, he wasn’t following Christ. Instead, he was persecuting Him.

While being struck down is enough to get our attention, what finishes the story is equally as remarkable. He went three days as a blind man and neither ate or drank anything. It’s not enough sometimes for God to simply knock us to the ground. It is doing without that we can find the voice we MUST listen to.

Paul, without sight, was forced to depend on the voice of God for direction. Others would have to lead him around for everyday functions. The pain in his stomach and dryness in his throat would be constant reminders that he had been talking about God. He hadn’t been serving God.

In a time of doing without, whether voluntary or forced, the important things are allowed to bubble to the surface.  In Saul’s blindness, hunger and thirst, God was able to change him completely. A murderer becomes Paul, a chosen instrument of Jesus. Who can we become in this time of fasting?


*It is easy to spend time “working” for God and not be serving God. Where is your relationship with Him?

*Read Acts 9:15. God has chosen you as an instrument of His. How will you carry His name to others?


Pastor Paul

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