A Church’s Vision

Acts 13:1-3

This fast in so many ways has been an easy one. Before you scoff, think about this. You haven’t been in this alone. Many members of our church family have been fasting; doing without a variety of things at the same time we have. There is incredible comfort that we can take from our faith family unified together.

Still, it would be unfortunate if all we did was giving up types of food together. This is a powerful time for seeking that we should be taking advantage of.  The church at Antioch was where Christ followers first earned the name Christians. They were getting it done as a church. Think about all of the things they didn’t have. There were no fancy instruments or buildings. The vision had to be provided by one source.

Lives were being saved continually and Antioch went one step further. They spent their time worshipping the Lord and fasting. As they sought, all out, to see what God would have them to do, an answer came. The Holy Spirit showed up with the vision needed. A message came to everyone for the mission that was ahead of them.

Antioch became a launching point for many New Testament churches. It became a launching point for more souls to God’s Kingdom. They know what we must know as well. Now is a time to ask for, even beg, to see the mission that God has for our church. Who will He send? Where will He send us?  The first step is the one we are on right now. It is time to seek Him.


*What are you seeking God for specifically during this time? Keep in balance what you’ve given up with what you desire to see.

*What vision for the church are you being provided? “If the size of your vision isn’t intimidating for you, there’s a good chance it’s insulting to God.”

*Are you willing to be selected? Are you willing to move from where you are presently to where God is calling you to go?

Pastor Paul

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