Who are you?

Job 42:1-6

Job is a tragic character. Well known for his suffering and his righteousness, he was the originator of the worst day ever. In just one day he lost his livestock, his servants, and his sons and daughters. Naturally, Job spends a great deal of time posing the question; “Why me God?”

Through tragedy in our own lives, our perspective typically falls to that very same question. It is natural to bemoan the pain, aches and grief that visit us all. If we look closely at most situations, we find that where we are looking is skewed. We are looking at how things affect us and not who affects everything.

After Job laments his station in life for a while, God shows up to ask him a question. Coming to him in the form of a whirlwind, in so many words God asks; “Who are you?” God asks Job where was he when He created the Earth. God continues to layer question after question that leads Job to one place. Job finally realizes how small he truly is. More importantly, he learned how big God truly is.

Like Job, we often utter things that we really don’t understand. It is not for us to know all the answers. Sometimes is just enough to know the one that does know all of those answers. In his loss and pain, Job utters a beautiful line in verse 5. “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.” How tremendous our lives can be when God is not just one we have heard of, but one we have witnessed with our own eyes.



*Consider your place with God. While you have given up something through this fast, how does it compare with what God gave up for you?

*Take time to witness God with you own eyes (See Job 38 & 39 if you need ideas). How do you compare? How should we respond?


Pastor Paul

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