Hey guys, gonna take a quick break from the fasting devotions and post a few thoughts on what is taking place at 2springs right now……..

WOW! Something special is happening at Double Springs Church. By Gods grace, we’re seeing life change take place on a weekly basis. It’s truly been incredible! Salvations, baptisms, homes getting in order. Goodness, this is fun.

Each week, we’re seeing brand new folks fill the church. Some coming back to church after a long lay off, some walking into church for the 1st time. All hearing the Gospel! Fantastic!

We’re here to KNOW Jesus, GROW in Him and MAKE KNOWN His Gospel to the nations and that’s exactly what we’re seeking to do. he’s simply blessing our efforts.

I say all that to say this – Get here Sunday. When God is moving, you don’t wanna miss out on it and He’s certainly moving now. So get here THIS SUNDAY (Gonna be a special day, trust me). And better yet, get someone here with you! Thats right, invite someone to be your guest! We promise, they’ll hear the good news and be challenged to respond to Gods Word!

So, if you’ve been thinking about checking out 2springs, just do it. THIS WEEK!

We Love You and Are Expecting Great Things (we’ve been asking God for revival and trust that He’s bringing it)!

-Double Springs Church Family

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