Old v. New

Matthew 9:14-17

Everywhere Jesus is there is a lot of buzzing going on. Jesus fielded question after question in scripture as peopled fired off inquiries in a desperate attempt to understand one who was so different. Most questions stemmed from a position of why did Jesus go against the grain of what they had always known.

In modern day sports people talk about a “game changer.” A game changer is one who obviously changes the game. Their impact is so heavy that the momentum they bring impacts every person around them. Jesus was definitely a game changer. Jesus didn’t spend time conforming to the old but showed others what great things came from the new.

Jesus warns that when you try to mesh the old and the new, disaster is the result. In order for good to come, there has to be a completely new garment or new wineskin.  In a short span, a lot of change has taken place in our lives. 2012 has arrived and undoubtedly you probably find that you are a different person than when you started this corporate fast.

What new and wonderful things have you discovered is these short three weeks? Maybe your attention to your prayer life has increased. Perhaps you shifted your dependence more towards God and away from the things you put in your body. You might have even felt more of the strength that Jesus provides through your own bodily weakness. Whatever the lesson you might have learned, you will soon be faced with another dilemma.

Will you go back to those old ways? Will prayer be put on the back burner? Will food take the place of God in your life? Will you lose sight of who gave you your new found strength? Many of us can testify to such wonderful blessings through this fast. Whether those continue can depend upon us.

My final thought for us is this: Will this be a wonderful three week period that we leave behind as a great experience? Or, will this be the foundation for the amazing things that God has in store for us? We get to make that choice. What will we choose?



Pastor Paul

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