Something special has been taking place at Double Springs Church, that is for sure!

As a matter of fact, we could list a plethora of reasons why you should not miss this week at 2springs and why you should be bringing someone with you….Lets Look at just 3 Reason. Ready?

3 Reasons Why You Should Be At 2springs Sunday

#1 – The Holy Spirit is moving. Yes, we’re seeing lots of people experience transformation right now. Many have been saved, many are following Christ in baptism, many are growing in grace and the Word. It’s kind of silly to have to state it but….when the Spirit of God is evident and compelling in a particular place, during a particular season…well, it’d be foolish to miss out wouldnt it? Be here Sunday and experience this movement of God for yourself and even better, invite someone to join you!

#2 – The Lords Supper – we have scheduled for Sunday a corporate observance of the Lords Supper (Communion). At 2springs, it’s not a ritualistic practice, not a mere religious exersize…but an expression of public and corporate worship that leads to a deep seeded gratitude concerning the sacrifice of Christ and the love of God toward His people. You do not wanna miss Sunday because you’d be missing out on an opportunity to obey the Lords command to His people to “eat and drink…in remembrance of Me”

3. The Gospel – as always, the Gospel will be presented in a clear, bold and grace filled manner. Through worship, through the Word, through the symbolism that comes through Communion…the Gospel will be heralded. You do not wanna miss Sunday at 2springs because we all, those within and outside of the body, stand in desperate need of the Gospel.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday! I challenge you to bring a friend!

Soli Deo Gloria! – Double Springs Church

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