Don’t GO to Church.

That sure seems like an odd title to see on a Church blog, huh? We’re almost constantly hearing the exact opposite arent we? “Come”, “Join us this Sunday”, “Be our guest at…” – Yeah, that sounds a little better right?

Truth is, the title “Dont GO to Church” is more than just a attention grabber, it’s, as odd as it sounds…A call to action.

You see, in our culture, we’ve equated the act of  “GOING to church” with reaching the mountain peaks of spirituality. We’ve guaged our spiritual fitness simply by whether or not we’ve attended service this week. We have bought into the idea that we’ve “done our part” as believers by sitting, singing, then shuffling out the doors until we meet again next Sunday.

Those who know me well…and even those who barely know me at all…know that I LOVE the Church. I believe in it. Yes, it has had it’s bumps and bruises, ups and downs, history that we herald gladly as well as history that we’d rather forget. But you know what? It belongs to Jesus. He loved it enough to die for it and to come again and recieve it.

 So don’t get me wrong here. I DO believe faithful Church attendance is a discipline EVERY maturing believer must posses. Fact is, Scripture clearly teaches that it’s sinful and rebelious to “forsake the assembling of yourselves as the manner of some”. At the end of the day one cannot scripturally seperate a growing, fruitful believer from faithful church attendance. They go hand in hand.

BUT– Church attendance is NOT the end all, be all of our spiritual lives that it is currently marketed as. There must be something more that gathering weekly!

Good News – There is!

God has called us to far more than to “GO to Church” – He’s called us to BE the Church. This isnt a weekly proposition but a moment by moment, 24/7 opportunity!

This week at Double Springs, we’re launching a brand new series “BE The Church” in which we’ll take an expositional look at the N.T. Church of Acts and see faith in action!

I pray you will join us throughout this series and that you’ll purpose in your heart to bring a friend or two along with you (YES, even those who’ve been burned by the church in the past…they’ll get a fresh view of what the Church is TRULY called to be!”

P.S. – We’re baptizing YET AGAIN Sunday (Great picture of the Gospel so get your lost friends here!) and as the Lord seems to keep adding to the church lately, you never know who might decide to join us in advancing the Gospel this week…Does that need to be YOU and your family?

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle

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