This Sunday morning at Double Springs, we’ll be bringing our “EXTRAordinary Family” Sermon Series to a close with a message of encouragement for those who are married to unsaved spouses. This is a heart breaking struggle for many in our culture today and even if it doesnt hit home personally, we all have people in our lives ho experience this struggle on a day to day basis and this message will provide you with practical and encouraging counsel we can use in ministring to those dealing with this heart wrenching dilema.

Please, invite those dealing with this issue to Double Springs this week!

Also- God continues to radically save people through our ministry here. As a result, we have 3 more baptisms this Sunday (what an awesome picture of the Gospel)! We rejoice in what God is doing!

Sunday Evening, Youth are playing Volleyball at 5:00 and meeting for discipleship with Pastor Paul and Student leaders at 5:00 and we will also continue our exposition of Ecclesiastes at 6:30 (followed by choir practice)

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