Hello 2springs!

 Hope you all are having a GREAT Friday! We wanted to give you a heads-up on all things 2springs this Sunday (and for the rest of the week)

THIS SUNDAY– We’ll continue our “Pray Like Jesus: The Lords Prayer” Series as we learn what it means to pray…”Thy Kingdom Come” (Let me just say that WOW, thats a BIG and BOLD prayer!). We’ll also be commissioning 18 Missionaries from 2springs that we’re sending out to impact the world for Christ next week! Also, we’ll be baptizing (YET AGAIN…Praise Jesus!) and we’ll hear a one of our awesome, Jesus loving Deacons bring the Word Sunday evening at 6:30 (We are blessed with some Godly men serving us as Deacons!)

This week at 2springs– we WILL NOT be having any Wednesday Night services. A lot of our Wednesday Leadership Team and several students will be on the mission trip (as is our Church bus) so we’ll be taking Wednesday off! Please enjoy some time with your family!

Keep in mind- 2springs Sports Camp VBS is going down June 24th-27th! If you’ve not yet registered, forms are on the table in the foyer or you cann call Mrs. Nette at 864-328-69 32 and register your kiddos (Nursery-6th Grade). BTW, we praise God for our awesome Volunteers for VBS…we have an abundance. Thank God for a Church that doesnt have to beg it’s members to serve! 

If you havnt already – Check out the new site for our Cowboy Church Mission at www.doublespringscowboychurch.com

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