It’s 1,000,000 degrees today.

For a lot of us very fortunate folks, it’s Air Conditioners, Pool parties or even the murky, poluted…yes nasty but COOL waters of Lake Hartwell to the rescue. For the vast majority of those reading this blog, this sizzling heat is just, well, summertime at best and a minor inconvenience at worst.

Yet, for many…specifically, the elderly, these soaring, record breaking temps are horribly dangerous. Fixed incomes mean trouble with power bills so there are some who simply attempt to “sweat it out”. Others just don’t have A/C. Still others from a generation MUCH tougher than my own, have seen much harder times than these in days gone by and  are a little stubborn about things like A/C. 

The fact is, this is a dangerous time for the elderly and according to 1 Timothy 5, the church has a responsibility to care for them. It’s a delight to do so as it honors Christ and His Church.

So here goes – over the next few days- call, stop by, invite over…whatever needs to be done to check on and serve our elders. Could be your elderly parents, grandparents or neighbors. Doesn’t matter. Just serve them gladly.

Love you all and Soli Deo Gloria!! Pastor Kyle

(On a side note- we wrap up our “Pray Like Jesus Series” this Sunday morning at 2springs. We have seen much fruit from this series already and to be honest, I’ve been more excited about preaching this message than I have been all the others (and thats saying something!). Attend and invite! We’ll also be baptizing YET AGAIN (Praise God…btw, we’re baptizing the next Sunday…and the next as well so if you’ve not followed Christ in Baptism yet, let us know so we can schedule your dunking!)

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