Hey friends – here’s a truth to chew on….RIGHT NOW, there is a battle raging for your Sunday. Satan doesn’t want you to be in church tomorrow. Scripture is VERY clear that God does.

What you chose to do will declare who you’re submitting to. Think on that.

OK- hopefully you’ve thought this thing out and plan to honor the Lord tomorrow with your church attendance. If so, awesome! If you have a church home…go, worship, serve there with all you have! If you’re without a church to call “home”at the moment, I’d like to invite you to 2springs Church in Townville tomorrow (Worship @ 11) as we kick off a new series, “Live Like Jesus”!

In this series we’ll unpack some radical truths about the life of Jesus and we’ll be challenged to follow in His footsteps. Tomorrow (if you’d like to study up) we’ll be in Matthew 6:19-24 and finding out what Treasure is all about and how we’re to handle it!

Look forward to seeing YOU and YOUR FAM!

Soli Deo Gloria! Pastor DK Caudell

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