BuzzWords –

1. A word or phrase connected with a specialized field or group that usually sounds important or technical and is used primarily to impress laypersons
2. A stylish or trendy word or phrase that through repetition and use out of context have become meaningless
You’ve heard it said lately. You’ve more than likely said it yourself…”You can’t judge me”.
The proverbial “buzzword”
Per the definition of “buzzwords” listed above, this phrase has been used and misused so often that it’s really lost is bite.
Though it seems as though the issue of judging others is a new thing due to the whole Chick Filet / Proposition 8 / we could go on and on here….it’s really not a new buzz word at all. As a matter of fact, it was buzzing in Jesus day too, and He wasnt silent about it.
This Sunday at 2springs Church we’ll dig deeply into Matthew Chapter 7:1-6 and see what He has to say about the issue.
We’ll anwser a few question like…“Does Jesus really say we aren’t to judge others?”, “How do I respond to this statement“, “How can I react to sinful culture in a way that doesn’t comprimise the truth of Gods Word?” and more.
On that note, if you’ve got a question concerning this text, email it to , Tweet it to me or message it my way on FB and we’ll try and address it in the message Sunday.
I know so many of you like to “study up” on the text we’ll dive into so to prepare yourself for getting the most out of the message, pray then dig deep this week into Matthew 7:1-6 and then follow our prescription for growth…
1. Listen – hear the Word of God. Let it permeate your being. Ask what God is saying to His people through this text.
2. Understand – as you soak in the Word of God, let it get personal by asking “What is God saying TO ME?’
3. Apply – What will you do in response to what you’ve learned?
Not sure about you…but I can’t wait for Sunday @ 2springs Church!
Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor DK

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