This Sunday @ 2springs is one that you simply DO NOT wanna miss!

Let me give you a quick rundown as to why

*First and foremost – it’s HIS day and we’re commanded to set aside the day to worship and adore Him. What a joy!

*The Word of God Will Be preached – passionatley, carefully, expositionally…and the Word of God is the power of God unto salvation. We’re continuing our summer series, “Live Like Jesus” and wow…lets just say God is going to show out!

*We’re baptizing YET AGAIN. – I hope you all see how big of a deal this is! As we baptize Sunday that will mark the 32nd person who has crossed over from death to life and followed the Lord in Baptism THIS YEAR at 2springs Church! That’s not supposed to happen at a rural church in the middle of no where, right?! God JESUS!

*We’ll be observing The Lords Supper – I know of no more intimate and powerful expression of worship than the Lords Supper. We’ll corporately be reminded of the sacrifice made so that we could be free.

*Sunday evening (6:30) – “Night Of Worship” where we’ll lift high the name of Jesus in a worship concert with The Echoes of Mercy band and Pastor Paul will also be sharing what Christ did this week as he was on mission in NYC!

If you’ve thought about visiting us at  2springs but havnt gotten around to it yet…this Sunday would be the day to do so! You WILL not be disappointed! Also, 2springers…go ahead…today…and invite someone to join you!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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