One of the strangest things about modern church – we think it’s relegated to Sunday.

You know it’s true. I’ve been guilty myself. We work, invite, prep, plan and pray as a build-up to a couple of hours set aside each week for “church”. It’s the basket we put all of our eggs in. In fact, we have even erected spacious and beautiful buildings and have dedicated ourselves to filling them Sunday mornings so that we may  worship…fellowship…pray…evangelize…disciple…serve…

Then lock them up until next Sunday rolls around.

Anyone else see the problem here?

The fact is- Church is much more than Sunday mornings. The church, as Jesus would have it, doesn’t stop with the work/school week. The church rolls on with passion 24/7.

I think, even with good intentions, we’ve gotten off track here. We tend to view Mon-Sat as a launching pad for Sunday morning service but to truly live on mission, to truly follow Christ is to see Sunday as the launching pad for Mon-Sat service.

Our ministry on Sunday morning is set aside for the equipping of the Saints to “follow Christ” the rest of the week .

Opportunities abound for you and I to be the hands and feet of Christ at home, work, school and so forth. Service, evangelism, discipling a brother or sister….friends, we’re on mission.

If Sunday mornings are the sum total of our service to our community, we’re missing it. We’re missing it badly. Actually, the most fruitful ministry I’ve experienced in my life didn’t come from my time behind the pulpit or in a pew on Sunday but in the trenches of  life on Monday.

Go ahead, commit to getting your hands dirty this week. Decide to give of yourself. Serve the least of these. Worship this week. Tell someone about Jesus.

After all, that’s Church.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Kyle

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