Mowing a neighbors lawn. Researching the stats of a shy friends football team so that you’ll have something to talk about. Getting gas at the same place and seeing the same attendant… everytime…on pupose. Walking across a room and engaging in conversation with a loner….

What do these things have to do with each other?

Well, a lot actually.

They’re selfless. They’re servant oriented. They’re Jesus-like.


There’s a solid definition of INTENTIONAL in the pic above but I want to share my own,personal definition.

For me, INTENTIONAL is “living on purpose”.

Living on purpose is precisely what Jesus did. Everything in His life….His teaching, ministry, service, relationship….all on purpose. Everything had a point. With Jesus nothing was “just because”, everything was intentional. He lived on purpose.

Do we?

How often do we come into our churches on Sunday, grab our seat and get comfortable without seeking out people to connect with? We should be chatting until the music starts, making the absolute most of every moment. That’s living on purpose. How often do we go days…even weeks wondering what are the names of that new family that been attending instead of striking up a conversation and simply asking them? As simple as that sounds, that’s intentional. Thats living on purpose.

At work, the single mom in the cubicle beside us…yeah, she’s not there by happenstance.

Who is she to you? Is she someone who you’re intentionally ministering to or is she a mere Wednesday night prayer request?

How about the family next door? Know them? Really?

I’m often told that “times have changed. Neighbors used to know each other”.

Who’s fault is it that they no longer do? You may say that they’re not very friendly…they’ve never attempted to forge a relationship! Don’t give me that! I’d say that if we’re followers of Christ, that’s OUR responsibility.

Listen, every day is a gift from our gracious God. It’s not earned, it’s deserved and it sure isn’t guaranteed. Our time here is limited and in the grand scheme of things, relatively brief.

We must make the most of it and we make the most of it by being intentional. By living on purpose.

This Sunday morning at Double Springs we’re going to examine how Jesus lived on purpose and be challenged to walk in His example. I hope to see you and your family.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Kyle

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