Wonderful, matchless, marvelous, amazing = all descriptors of the beautiful thing we call “GRACE”.

For those in Christ, there is no sweeter word. It truly has taught our hearts to fear and really does lead us home. It’s no trite buzzword for us….it’s everything. We’ve experienced it on a intimatley real and personal level and we’ve been forever changed because of it.

But how about it’s application?

How can we dispense this wonderful, wonderful gift of God?

This Sunday morning at DSChurch, we’re gonna begin a brand new teaching series called “GRACISM” in which we’ll begin to grip the practical outworking of grace in and through our lives. We’ll unpack the concepts of doling our grace in the home (this week), in the Church and in our world.

We hope you’ll join us this week at DSChurch and begin your journey into all out gracism.

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