Wow! What a great day we had again yesterday at DSChurch! Here are a few the things we’re celebrating today!

*Baptism! – we rejoice with Brody Branyon and his family over his baptism yesterday @ DSChurch! Brody is an awesome young man and we’re praying God uses him in big ways!

*Speaking of Baptism – I think I mentioned yesterday that we’ve baptized 34 people this church year. PRAISE JESUS! According to the “experts”, that just isn’t supposed to happen in a small, rural community. Look, We know numbers aren’t everything, but each number has a name….and represents an individual who has crossed over from death to life. We celebrate that!

*We Welcomed Several Guest Again – it’s always awesome to look out and see new faces. God has really blessed us in sending folks our way!

*The “GRACISM” Series Kick-Off Rocked! – looking forward to what God does with it next week as well!

*We’re Shaking Up Our Small Group Experience – yesterday evening, we met with our SS/Small Group leadership to discuss our future. Hashing through things, we agreed that Strong Churches are dependant upon strong small groups. We KNOW we have work to do here and are looking forward to this new Church year being the catalyst for a huge change in the way we “do” small group! This was a forward thinking meeting if I’d ever been in one and I’m proud to have these leaders on our team! (We’re meeting again Sunday at 5:15 and need ALL SS/Small Group leaders to be present and accounted for).

*Last Night – DSChurch voted, without opposition to get the ball rolling on our new FLC Building by giving our architect the “go-ahead” to get started on some renderings of the new building! PUMPED!

A little extra 411 for you-

We’re covering the Doctrine of Satan(Warfare Series) during 2springsU Adult Study at 6:30 Wednesday. You’ve gotta know your enemy in order to defeat him…lets learn!

Student and children’s Groups – meeting at 6:30 Wednesday as well! INVITE! ATTEND! EXPECT! (Volleyball for 6th Grade and Up This Wednesday at 5:00 too!)

Hey, this week….why don’t you commit to praying for an opportunity to share Jesus and boldness to seize it when it comes? Let’s go!


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