Hey DSChurch!

 Wanted to give you a quick update on a small but signifigant change in our teaching series schedule…..

The “UNSEEN” Series on Spiritual Warfare is moving from a 2springsU only (Our Wednesday Evening Ministry) to Wed and Sunday evenings. The reasoning is really 3 fold – 1. We’ve Simply Got to much to cover (we want to give aqequate time and treatment to all we’re diving into) 2. The Material we’re covering is growing. The more I prepare, the more material I realize we need to be covering. 3. Because preparing for Spiritual warfare is a BIG DEAL that effects us all. We have some folks who can be here on Wednesday but not Sunday evenings and some who can be here on Sunday eveings but not Wednesdays. We wanna make sure everyone has opportunity to hear (and apply) this transformational teaching.

SO – there ya go.

THIS Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. – we’ll dig into part 2 of 3 “Knowing Our Enemy: The Doctrine of Satan”

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