Don’t be deceived – The Christian faith is an active one.

When practiced…It’s alive, vibrant and in constant motion. Biblically, following Jesus Christ in Word and deed never leads to apathy or a dormant existance….following Jesus brings perpetual growth.

This truth serves as a reminder that if we’re not growing, then something is amiss and we’re in a dangerous place. Whether we’re talking about growing in wisdom, spiritual maturity, service or so on….growth, or the lack thereof, is an indicator of our spiritual health so we would be wise to give ourselves an examination from time to time.

Let’s take a minute to examine the issue of Grace in our lives today with a few Signs we’re growing in Grace.

* When You Are Growing In Grace – you’re exceedingly grateful. You’re still amazed by what Jesus has done for you and your heart is full because of it. Overflowing thankfulness.

* When You Are Growing In Grace – You see potential instead of problems. You aren’t oblivious to the possibility of trouble but optimism rules the day.

* When You Are Growing In Grace – You don’t ask what others can do for you but what you can do for others. A servant heart is birthed & developed through Grace.

* When You Are Growing In Grace –  forgiveness isn’t like pulling teeth. To whom much is given, much more is required.

* When You Are Growing In Grace – People, no matter how messy, will matter. Things that used to give you a headache about the actions, appearance and attitudes of others don’t have the same effect anymore. You’ll be more and more willing to embrace those who are different.

* When You Are Growing In Grace – Legalistic tendencies will subside. Dogmatism and Rules will be replaced with mercy and relationship. You’ll be less likely to be focused on making your point and more likely to be focused upon impacting a life.

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