But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head—Christ Ephesians 4:15

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock that is obscurely located just south of no where, you’re very aware that the political season has descended upon us.

 Every news channel is filled with a plethora of talking heads spewing vitriol of all sorts, the talk around the water cooler at work consist almost entirely of political persuasions of all sorts and my, Oh, My….facebook is abuzz.

Personally, I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I think it’s…errr…it CAN be a good thing. After all, no matter your political leanings, we all have to agree that this is a historic election. The politics and ideologies of each candidate are as night and day different as I can remember any being. It’s clear that each candidate has a very different view of what our country should look like and very different plans as to how it should get there so the outcome of this election is an astronomically big deal, to say the least.

 I think that it’s a good thing that people are really paying attention this go ’round (many for the first time). I believe, and have said as much on numerous occasion, that it’s our civic duty to involve ourselves as much as necessary and as we are able, with the political process. I’ll go a step further than that and say that I also believe Christians, particularly, should be a countrys best citizens for we are encouraged to be in the Scripture and there is far too much at stake for us not to be. Now, we of course, are only strangers in this land and ultimately our citizenship is not of this world but in Heaven… but our future in the “Sweet by and by” doesnt negate the fact that we’re presently in the here and now and have a “salt and light” duty to perform. One of the obvious ways we can impact culture is through being civically involved. It would be uncaring not to be.

So I applaud those believers who are informed and involved yet at the same time, what I am seeing also discourages me. Any the discouragement I have comes from the UnBiblical actions/words I’ve seen by Christians on both sides.

If there is anyone on earth who can disagree without being disagreeable, it should be believers. If it’s possible to convey a difference of opinion without calling into question the IQ of those who feel differently, surely it would be Christians who demonstrate that ability, right? (Truthfully, it’s our own IQ thats called into question if we cannot articulate our personal arguments without resorting to derogatory tactics.)

Christians, here me out…there is a better way. There is a way that will both honor God and benefit man. It’s speaking the truth….but doing so in love. One without the other produces no fruit (by the way, “likes” on your Facebook status updates or retweets may boost your ego but don’t kid yourself…that’s not fruit).

I’d caution you to think hard about your motives before opening your mouth or posting to Facebook. Ask tough, personal questions like, “Why am I posting this?” and you’ll find out if you are doing so to provoke honest thought on the issue of truth or to get a round of “Amens” (or “likes”) from those who you know agree with you already. Before you “Share” the latest pic with a tagline demeaning the character or intellect of those who hold opposing thoughts, ask yourself, “Will calling these people idiots REALLY promote truth or will it just anger and alienate them even further?”.

You may have a different experience than I, but I’ve never compelled anyone to agree with me by disparaging them.

Christians, be careful here. Be careful that your white-hot zeal, even when coupled with good intentions, doesn’t become a stumbling block to those you’re debating (or those watching you from a distance) because of the manner in which you are carrying yourself and your thoughts.

At the end of the day we are blessed with  the opportunity and have the obligation to be civically involved. Take advantage of that freedom but please don’t allow the way you express your political opinions to tarnish the image of Christ.

Truth + Love = a better way.

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle

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