Happened again Sunday….twice

At least a couple of times per month, a visiting Dad or Mom or both (often on the verge of happy tears) will remark on how grateful they are to have been able to find a church where it was ok…er…better said, they were encouraged to worship together as a family corporately.

 Truth is, many of our guest who know little about us prior to coming, are a little taken aback by the sights and yes, sounds of so many children in the Sanctuary at DSChurch. Those who happen to have a church background before paying us a visit do tend to resemble the proverbial “deer in the headlights” for a few seconds until they look around and see the “what” and “why” of Family Integrated Corporate Worship.

 I received a call just this week from a first time visitor who’d recently moved into the area and had been visiting Churches…”Pastor, I can’t express how grateful I am  for your Church. Without going into detail I want you to know that right now, more than ever, our family needs to be together. You saw me crying during the service but those were tears of joy. I’d never had my children there to worship with me. I’ve always sat alone. That matters to me. Thank you guys so much”

DSChurch, I want you to know how thankful I am for you. When I was casting this vision for Family Integrated Corporate Worship four years ago (wow, time flies), you bought in. It’s the difficult way to do ministry and I knew that and know it now. It’s the way that takes time, sometimes a lot of it, for fruit to be produced. It’s the way that is so against the grain that it took our breath initially. It’s the way of change…and I know how tough change can be. It’s the way that God called us to do things. Not the only way to “do” church, mind you, but the way we’re called to do things.

Thank you for buying in. Thank you for navigating some difficult winds and hanging tight when there has been an occaisional bump in the road. Thank you for embracing families….it’s working. Every time we see a family lift their voices in praise, witness a 2nd grader take sermon notes, hear of a Father leading His home in righteousness….Praise God. It’s working.

Join Us For Our Christmas Events this Week. They’re not just “Family Friendly”, they are family integrated!

In Excelsis Deo!

Pastor Kyle

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