Hey folks, would love for you all to do a few things with us as we get closer to Sunday at DS Church!

1. Soak in The Parable of The Pharisee and Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-14). We’ll be preaching through this story and one of the keys to “getting the most” out of it is to already have our hearts and minds inclined to the text.

2. Don’t Forget Your Canned Goods. We are continuilly re-stocking our Community Food Pantry. We’ll be recieving non-perishables Sunday morning as well as at our Super Bowl Sunday at The Park. Come on out at 2:00 p.m. to DS Park for fellowship, flag football games, food and letting the kiddos play! Fun for the whole family! It’s supposed to be a pretty day and we’d love to connect with you and your family (and friends)!

3. Invite Someone – send a FB message, call, text…do whatever you need to do, just get your friends and family to DS Church Sunday!

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