This Sunday at DS Church, we’ll be wrapping up our “Stories” teaching series with what is probably the most widely known Parable of Jesus. “The Good Samaritan” of Luke 10:25-37.

Just a quick glance into this story leads us into a world of allegorical wonder, no doubt, but we’re not going to attempt to ascribe with certainty just who this (or what that) might represent in the grand scheme of things…I think that may be the cheap way out. Truth is, when we see this story as is, we find a simplicity and message that rocks us to the very core of our being

We’ll basically be answering a couple of very essential /  life altering questions……

1. Who is My Neighbor? – Not “neighbor” by our own definition of who a neighbor might be. We don’t get to decide such things. Enviroment doesn’t define neighbor either. Neither does tax bracket, race, clique, creed or upbringing. God determines who our neighbors are.

2. As A Follower of Jesus Christ, What Is The ONLY Appropriate Response To My Neighbors Plight? – Not dealing with what would be a socially acceptable response or a politically expedient response. Not even focusing on a response to my neighbors hardship that might make me feel better about myself. We’re talking about responding to the hurting in a way that would please God.

To help you to see the serious nature of these two questions and their answers, I’d say this…No matter our professions or our “I love Jesus” Facebook shares: We cannot honestly claim to follow Jesus if we’re not getting this right.

I hope to see you Sunday as we wrap up this series. Please meditate on the text, pray for Gods wisdom and direction and lets invite folks to join us!

Soli Deo Gloria!,

Pastor Kyle

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