Happy Wednesday to you!

Awesome night on schedule at DS Church! Wednesdays are a great opportunity for you to grow in your walk with Christ through discipleship courses offered at DS Church! For example….


Adult 2springsU will be continuing our walk through Genesis as we study the life of Noah in the series within our series, “Rescue: Lessons From The Life Of Noah”. Tonight we’ll examine what Gods view of success looks like versus our typical view of it as Pastor Kyle leads us through Genesis 6:5-9. If we hope to live abundantly here on this earth…getting this is HUGE. We must be rescued from misguided ideas of success so that our pursuits will be Godly.


Our Student Ministry (6th Grade – 12th) will be playing volleyball at 4:30 and will continue their teaching series “Signs” at 6:30. Your student will be welcomed, have a great time, meet some really cool people, a great Student Ministry Leadership Team and most importantly…we promise….will hear about Jesus.


The DS Church kidZmin has been spending the last few months establishing a firm foundation in Gods Word by studying the book of Genesis. Our goal is to take our kids systematically through the entire Bible by the time they reach our Student ministry and have a great time doing it! They love the games, crafts and most importantly the exciting instruction they receive from Gods Word by some pretty amazing teachers that love them very much! Tonight they’ll be digging into a wrestling match between God and man and seeing how that applies to our own lives!

In short, Wednesdays are a great mid-week supplement to your spiritual growth. We believe in what we’re doing on Wednesdays and God is blessing our ministry. We’d love for you and your entire family to join us tonight!

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