Animals Entering The Ark - Evan Almighty

Hey DSChurch – we wanted to invite you to join us tonight at 2springsU as we continue our Genesis Series. For the past few weeks (and for the next few as well), we’ve been digging through the story….not fable, not legend….the historical account of Noah’s Ark.

It’s a big deal too. It’s a big deal concerning our own, personal faith and it’s a big deal when it comes to developing a strong Biblical worldview as society grows increasingly more hostile towards the Word of God. Secular “philosophers” have attacked this account throughout history and are in battle mode today as they describe it as the “proof in the pudding” that the Bible is not reliable. Liberal theologians (some wolves, some well intentioned but misguided believers) have doubted its place in history, claiming that it’s no more than a mere parabolic legend. A simple fable with a prophetic meaning.

Whether the doubts of the story come from secularist or professing christians, there is a common denominator – they just find it hard to believe. “I mean, c’mon“, they say, “that’s impossible”.


A God mighty to create and sustain this world and everything in it…A God mighty to part seas…mighty to heal the lame, open blind eyes, turn water into wine…RAISE THE DEAD…HIS power can be doubted? Ummm…no.

Fact is, the Bible is a fact. We can trust it. As a Book of life, we can trust it. As a book of history, we can trust it….and yes, as a book of science, we can trust it.

We have an obligation to “provide a reason for the hope that it is us”…to develop a Biblical defense. We’re charged with defending truth…all of it…. Not just the parts that we’ve found easy to swallow.

As we continue our exposition of Genesis 6 tonight, we’ll ask and answer a few tough questions regarding Noah’s Ark.

*Was This A Global or Local Flood? (YES, that matters)

*How Did All Those Animals Fit On The Ark?

*How Big Was The Ark?

*Is A Literal Reading Of This Account Really Important?

We’re convinced that what we’ll unpack tonight with strengthen your faith, answer your questions and boost your confidence in the infallibility of Gods Word.

Our kidZmin and Student Ministry will also be having our annual V-Tines bash so We hope to see you all at 6:30 p.m.!

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