Hey DSChurch – tomorrow, we worship corporately…together…at DS Church! We gather as like-minded, imperfect and needy followers of the King of Kings to sing His praises, to give obediently & sacrificially, to love compassionately and to be reminded of the Gospel of grace that only He provides. What an awesome day!

But did you know that your worship experience can be sweeter, more satisfying, more fruitful if you set aside today to really prepare yourself for it?

Allow me to share 3 quick things that will help prepare you for worship….

1. Prepare your Heart – spend time in prayer today. Spend some time reflecting on Gods character and nature. Express your love and gratefulness for Him. Ask God to reveal the sin in your life. Confess, repent and ask for His forgiveness. Pray the Scriptures!

2. Prepare your Mind – Dig into the Word today. You may want to go ahead and meditate on the text we’ll be expositing together (Luke 7:31-35). Ask and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through the Word.

3. Prepare Your Body – get to bed early, rise early. Hard to put the most into or get the most out of corporate worship when you are dog tired and groggy or rushing around because you are late. Make sure you do what it takes today to be fresh and alert tomorrow.

Looking forward to worship tomorrow! Invite a friend!


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