Hey Double Springs fam!

This Sunday morning we’ll be continuing our Stories Series as we dig into the Parable of The Rich Fool found in Luke 12:13-21. I pray that you’ll go ahead and pray over the text, soak it in and apply it’s principles to your own life. Remember that the best way to get the most out of a text is to ask a few questions while digging through it: Who is Jesus saying this to (context)? What is Jesus saying? (principle)? Where do I fit in this story (application)?

Also remember that the best way to interpret Scripture is to compare it to ther scripture. For reference, I’d study the following passages along with Luke 12:13-21….Luke 12:1-13 for context and Luke 16:14, 1st Timothy 6:9, Ecclesiastes 5:10 and Romans 1:25 for clarity.

I pray that you’ll join us for worship this Sunday and that you will love someone enough to invite them to join you!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Kyle

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