Several years ago I was in the worst physical condition of my life. I’m not completely sure why I allowed myself to get there or really even how it happened either. In a way, I wish I could pinpoint a particular event or circumstance that came to pass so that I could “excuse” it and deflect personal accountibility…but I can’t.

 Fact is, it just happened. A combo of factors that we all face on a daily basis led me down that road. There was the stress at work, too much on my plate, easy (but horrible) food choices, acceptance of the “status quoe”, maybe even a little laziness, you get the drift. Though it seemed like I had regressed from fit to fat overnight, that wasn’t the case either. It was a long, slow process that I don’t think I even noticed until things had gotten really out of control. As a matter of fact, it was actually a game of tag with my kiddos in the front yard that got my attention as I couldnt play with them longer than a couple of minutes until I’d be dry heaving like nobodys business.

I knew then…something had to change.

Long story short, it did. I set some personal goals and I got fit. No, not “Arnold fit”…but fit as in “I can play with my kids, feel better about myself and do things I used to enjoy” fit. Plus, as strange as it may sound, my spiritual life reaped benefits from my physical fitness. I thought more clearly, had more energy for the work of God and felt as though God was being glorified through my fitness in a way that He was not when I was unhealthy.

My goal is not to preach to you here. We know that “our bodies are a Temple of the holy Spirit” I think we know that following Christ includes discipline in every area of our lives (yes, that includes our physical lives). We’re all aware that our spiritual fitness is the top priority but let’s not be mistaken, God does care about our physical fitness as well. He desires we glorify Him with all of our lives.


All that said, Double Springs Church invites you to join us for a 12 week “Family Fitness Challenge”! The challenge begins this Sunday, April 7th and will wrap up on Sunday, June 30th. It’s 12 weeks of life change! 12 weeks of transformation! You can do that! We can do that!

There isn’t a particular workout schedule or particular diet plan that we’re going to throw on you. You do your on thing, at your on pace, in your own way. We do ask that whatever you do, try and commit to at least 30 minutes of physical exersize each day. You may want to call up some friends and walk each morning or evening or jog down the road or playing ball with the kids instead of sitting in front of the TV…just something… anything. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing, right? As far as diet goes, maybe drinking only water for these 12 weeks or cutting down on the carbs or whatever you choose to do (again, something is ALWAYS better than nothing).

We do recommend that you find a partner or two (or three) that will join this challenge with you. It’s been proven that you are much more likely to stick this thing out if you’ve got the support and accountibility of someone who loves and cares for you. We also want to let you know that we have your back! DS Church will encourage, support and pray with you whenever you need it. We believe that the overall fitness of our folks is that important!

A Few of Incentives of Joining Our Family Fitness Challenge – Just in case you’re frantically looking for some…any excuse that will keep you from committing to this, here are some things to think about

*Tired of Being tired? – getting fit will boost your energy levels

*Leaders Set The Standard – One of the hardest hitting realizations for me personally was that as a leader (in my home, church, community, ect), I had people I loved and cared for watching AND following my example. That was a big deal for me and was probably the biggest reason I made some changes.

*Can’t Think Clearly? – you’d be shocked at how much sharper your mind is when your body is performing at a higher level. Shocked!

*Summer Is Coming – Though the way we look doesnt need to be our primary motivation for getting fit (vanity is never a good thing), looking better in a swimsuit is a wonderful by-product of fitness.

*You’re Not Alone In this – again, getting fit is tough when you’re going at it alone. This is a corporate challenge. You Are Not Alone!

*To Make It Even Simpler – Because many of us would simply say to this challenge, “I can’t because I don’t know what to do”, we have partnered with Beau Bibb and Crossfit Proverb. Beau is offering DSChurch a big discount for his “Beginners Class / Bootcamp” that begins in May. He’s also offered to conduct a Nutrition Seminar for us during this challenge. (Side note: I Annette and I worked out with Beau last summer and could not offer a higher recomendation!)

We’ll wrap things up on Saturday, June 29th with a DSChurch Fitness Challenge 5k / Family Fun 1 Mile Walk and final weigh in reports on Sunday, June 30th.

Here’s how things will work – weigh yourself in this Sunday and keep a record of your weight each week. It’s totally honor system based and all we need to know is how much you’ve lost so you don’t have to report your weight each week, just lbs lost. Send your weight loss numbers each Sunday to and at the end we’ll have a mens winner / ladies winner and will also award 5k winners by age division and Overall mens/Womens winners.

So, are you still unsure about committing to this challenge? If so, here is what I want you to do right now.

Bow your head and ask the Lord if He desires that you stay where you are physically or get fit for His glory.

OK, done that? Now email, text me or send me a FB message letting me know you are in.

Lets do this thing….together.

Soli Deo Gloria! – Pastor Kyle


  1. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing for your church and community. Know it will make a great impact on all who are “in.” Best of luck to everyone.jsch

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