New Life, The Lord adding to His Church, Visitors each week, vibrant love, needs being met….all of these wonderful things are taking place at DSChurch right now and we are grateful to God for His blessings! But you know what else is taking place that could be the most exciting thing of all?


That’s right. Discipleship. People who are learning the Word, maturing in their faith….being conformed to the image of Christ….and it’s happening in a big way each Wednesday evening at DSChurch as our children’s ministry are learning how the Gospel is highlighted in every passage of Scripture and applicable in every situation they may encounter personally. It’s happening as Students set aside the trite and foolish nature that’s exhibited by most “Youth Ministries” and drinking deeply from the well of the Word. It’s happening as Adults systematically and purposefully dig into the Scriptures with the mindset of “every word matters” ! The Discipleship that is taking place on Wednesdays at DSChurch is one of the most thrilling things we have going on.

Let us explain why we’re so pumped about Discipleship Classes on Wednesdays…when believers grow TOGETHER in the Word, the Lord blesses. The New Life, baptisms, invitations to church, love on displey…all of these things…are directly tied into the maturing in the Word that’s taking place through our discipleship ministries! As we grow in the Word, we become more like Jesus. As we become more like Jesus, we develop His heart. As we develop His heart, we impact His world. See the process? That’s what’s happening through discipleship!

Our  Wednesday Night Discipleship Ministry is growing (God is blessing BIGTIME), we’d love for you and your family to join us this week at 6:30….let’s be discipled together! God is at work in our Church….why don’t you plan to join Him in what He’s already doing?

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