Wow…this weekend at DS Church is gonna be a busy (but GREAT) one!

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 1st) we will be hosting our annual Chicken BBQ / Church Wide Yard Sale! Remember that all proceeds benefit our New Family Life Center Fund! As you read this, you may be  silently pondering, “I wonder if they’ll need my help?”

Let me answer that for you…YES!

We need guys to help cook (lighting the grill at 6:30 a.m.). Folks to help prepare the plates to be sent out. We need some to help facilitate the Yard Sale…..yes…your help is welcomed and appreciated! By the way, it’s hard to call this work because we have such a great time.

Sunday, we’re continuing our Colossians Series as Pastor Kyle will be bringing a Word on the struggle of prayer (yes, you read that right…if honest, we’d have to admit that prayer can be a struggle…CAN BE…Doesnt HAVE to be…more on that Sunday).

One more thing…This coming Wednesday we’ll be having a churchwide summer kick-off complete with refreshments, devotion, prayer, outdoor baptism celebration (yes, in a cattle trough…DS Church style!) and “Field Day” type games for the kiddos! We’ll also be registering kids for VBS so if you havent gotten your Nursery-5th Graders signed up, Wednesday would be a great time to do so!

BTW, if you’ve been saved but not yet taken the next step…we’d love to talk with you about being baptized Wednesday! Let us know!

In Christ Alone – DS Church

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