The decision of the Supreme Court today to rule against the Defense Of Marriage Act further proves what we’ve long known…our nation desperately needs prayer. It’s been reported that Churches throughout our land joyfully rang their bells as the ruling was made and it seems many professing christians today are wavering on this and other important issues that Gods Word is very clear on. Let it be known that Double Springs Church loves and respects people of all views and welcomes anyone who’d be inclined to attend our worship services. That said, our love demands that we be truthful. We will not abandon the truth of Gods Word or be muzzled from boldly, faithfully and lovingly proclaiming this unchanging truth by a culture who’s loud and proud or even by a court ruling. We will not preach and teach with a finger in the wind, allowing cultural trends or popular opinion to guide our message and we aren’t seeking the approval or applause of man but of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Join us today in prayer for our nation, its leadership and it’s churches. Join us in standing on the solid rock of Christ…even when all the world around us is on sinking sand.

You have our commitment to never condone what God has condemned, be it homosexuality, idolatry, infidelity or absolutely anything else that God has deemed sinful. By Gods Grace we’ll keep contending for the faith.

God Bless!

Pastor Kyle

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